A victorious Marriage – Tony Evans

Many couples it looks like instead of having been married by the justice of the peace, they were married by the secretary of war. Rather than their relationship being a mutual admiration society, it has become a mutual extermination society. Divorce rates soar high
not only in the secular society, but also in the body of Christ. Our nation is caught in a divorce epidemic as more and more couples decide to call it quits than
ever before.

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We know that marriage strongholds exist when married couples return home every day to miserable homes. It is a stronghold to get up in the morning and argue from the time you wake up until the time you fall back to sleep. It is a stronghold to look at each
other after so many years, or decades, have passed and see a stranger looking back at you.

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It is a stronghold when two people who have committed their lives to one another cannot even stand each other. This goes much deeper than merely being personality differences.
Differences existed when the two first met. They didn’t simply come about after the marriage.

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These differences were just worked around and overcome beforehand because the goal – marriage – made it important enough to do so.