SCHAUM’S Outline – Advanced Mathematics for Engineer and Scientists (Download)

SCHAUM’S Outline – Advanced Mathematics for Engineer and Scientists – 950 Fully Solved Problems (Download)

  • Paperback: 432 pages
  • Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education; 1 edition (October 20, 2009)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0071635408
  • ISBN-13: 978-0071635400

Tough Test Questions? Missed Lectures? Not Enough Time? Fortunately for you, there’s Schaum’s.

More than 40 million students have trusted Schaum’s Outlines to help them succeed in the classroom and on exams. Schaum’s is the key to faster learning and higher grades in every subject. Each Outline presents all the essential course information in an easy-to-follow, topic-by-topic format. You also get hundreds of examples, solved problems, and practice exercises to test your skills.

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This Schaum’s Outline gives you:

  • Practice problems with full explanations that reinforce knowledge
  • Coverage of the most up-to-date developments in your course field
  • In-depth review of practices and applications

Fully compatible with your classroom text, Schaum’s highlights all the important facts you need to know. Use Schaum’s to shorten your study time-and get your best test scores! Schaum’s Outlines-Problem Solved.

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Mechatronic Systems – Analysis, Design and Implementation (Download)


  • Publisher: Springer; 2012 edition (September 28, 2011)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 3642223230
  • ISBN-13: 978-3642223235

This book deals with the analysis, the design and the implementation of the mechatronic systems. Classical and modern tools are developed for the analysis and the design for such systems.

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Robust control, H-Infinity and guaranteed cost control theory are also used for analysis and design of mechatronic systems. Different controller such as state feedback, static output feedback and dynamic output feedback controllers are used to stabilize mechatronic systems.

Heuristic algorithms are provided to solve the design of the classical controller such as PID, phase lead, phase lag and phase lead-lag controllers while linear matrix inequalities (LMI) algorithms are provided for finding solutions to the state feedback, static output feedback and dynamic output feedback controllers.

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The theory presented in the different chapters of the volume is applied to numerical examples to show the usefulness of the theoretical results. Some case studies are also provided to show how the developed concepts apply for real system.

Emphasis is also put on the implementation in real-time for some real systems that we have developed in our mechatronic laboratory and all the detail is provided to give an idea to the reader how to implement its own mechatronic system.

Mechatronics Systems: Analysis, Design and Implementation is an excellent textbook for undergraduate and graduate students in mechatronic system and control theory and as a reference for academic researchers in control or mathematics with interest in control theory.

The reader should have completed first-year graduate courses in control theory, linear algebra, and linear systems. It will also be of great value to engineers practising in fields where the systems can be modeled by linear time invariant systems.

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Conceptual Physics, 10th Edition (Download)

  • Publisher: Benjamin-Cummings Pub Co; 10 edition (June 30, 2005)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0805393757
  • ISBN-13: 978-0805393750

“Conceptual Physics, Tenth Edition” helps readers connect physics to their everyday experiences and the world around them with additional help on solving more mathematical problems.

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Hewitt’s text is famous for engaging readers with analogies and imagery from real-world situations that build a strong conceptual understanding of physical principles ranging from classical mechanics to modern physics.

With this strong foundation, readers are better equipped to understand the equations and formulas of physics, and motivated to explore the thought-provoking exercises and fun projects in each chapter.

Mechanics, Properties of Matter, Heat, Sound, Electricity and Magnetism, Light, Atomic and Nuclear Physics, Relativity. For all readers interested in conceptual physics.

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Schaum’s 3,000 Solved Problems in Physics (Download)

The ideal review for your physics course

More than 40 million students have trusted Schaum’s Outlines for their expert knowledge and helpful solved problems. Written by renowned experts in their respective fields, Schaum’s Outlines cover everything from math to science, nursing to language. The main feature for all these books is the solved problems. Step-by-step, authors walk readers through coming up with solutions to exercises in their topic of choice.

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3,000 solved problemsProblems from every area of physicsClear diagrams and illustrationsComprehensive index Appropriate for all high school and undergraduate physics coursesStep-by-step solutions to problemsThousands of practice problems with a wealth of problems on each topic

Table of contents
1. Mathematical Introduction *
2. Equilibrium of Concurrent Forces *
3. Kinematics in One Dimension *
4. Newton’s Laws of Motion *
5. Motion in a Plane I *
6. Motion in a Plane II *

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7. Work and Energy *
8. Power and Simple Machines *
9. Impulse and Momentum *
10. Statics of Rigid Bodies *
11. Rotational Motion I: Kinematics and Dynamics *
12. Rotational Motion II: Kinetic Energy, Angular Impulse, and Angular Momentum *
13. Matter in Bulk *
14. Simple Harmonic Motion *
15. Hydrostatics *
16. Hydrodynamics *
17. Temperature and Thermal Expansion *

18. Heat and Calorimetry *
19. Heat Transfer *
20. Gas Laws and Kinetic Theory *
21. The First Law of Thermodynamics *
22. The Second Law of Thermodynamics *
23. Wave Motion *
24. Sound *

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25. Coulomb’s Law and Electric Fields *
26. Electric Potential and Capacitance *
27. Simple Electric Circuits *
28. The Magnetic Field *
29. Magnetic Properties of Matter *
30. Induced EMF: Generators and Motors *
31. Inductance *

32. Electric Circuits *
33. Electromagnetic Waves *
34. Light and Optical Phenomena *
35. Mirrors, Lenses, and Optical Instruments *
36. Interference, Diffraction, and Polarization *
37. Special Relativity *
38. Particles of Light and Waves of Matter *
39. Modern Physics: Atoms, Nuclei, Solid-State Electronics

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Who Is My Child? Understanding Temperament (Download)

Some children are “easy.” They are predictable, calm, and approach most new experiences in a positive way. Other children are more difficult, not able to manage their emotional experiences and expression with ease.

When a child’s personality doesn’t quite fit or match that of other family members, it can be a challenge for everyone. Of course no child is one way all the time, but each has his own usual type.

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The ease with which a child adjusts to his environment is strongly influenced by his temperament – adaptability and emotional style.

For the most part, temperament is an innate quality of the child, one with which he is born. It is somewhat modified (particularly in the early years of life) by his experiences and interactions with other people, with his environment and by his health.

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