The Tao of Dating: The Smart Woman’s Guide to Being Absolutely Irresistible (Download for FREE)


2010 | 280 Pages | ISBN: 0977984575 | EPUB | 0.2 MB
The highest-rated dating self-help book on Amazon 83 weeks running, from July 2011 to Dec 2012 by reader reviews. What they have to say:
‘I have read many books about relationships and dating, but The Tao of Dating is one of a kind, so different and mind-blowing in its common sense and simplicity that it is impossible to put it down once you start reading.’
‘Well, where shall I start? Mind blowing? Life-changing? Truly opened my eyes? No words can express how much I love this book. I wish I had read it much earlier.’
‘I keep this book in a small, carefully chosen, boxed collection of ‘indispensable advice I wish I had written’ that I will pass along to my children as they navigate through teens, twenties, early adulthood and beyond.’
‘This turned out to be one of the most transformative books I have ever read much more so than I thought it possibly could be.’
‘The content is intelligent and compassionate and enriching far beyond anything to do with dating. In essence, this book somehow, magically, alchemically, brings you back to yourself. Everyday TV and other media specialize in portraying women as cheap and disposable.
This book is the antidote. Just by reading it, one is restored to one’s own heart. I can think of no better praise.’
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